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Web reviews

“Ending up with an overture was not as bizarre as it sounds, as Tchaikovsky’s Fantasy Overture Romeo & Juliet contains a famously lush romantic tune and a satisfyingly thumping climax to send you off at the end of the evening on a Russian high. I found it a very entertaining night and the Worthing Symphony Orchestra proved themselves to be top quality”.
The Real Chrisparkle web review

“Gibbons started in a somewhat cooler manner than one might have expected, but together with his committed soloist, Boris Brovtsyn, the music (Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto) was allowed to grow until by the time we reached the cadenza the piece was positively glowing. A fine performance indeed. The highlight of the show was Arnold’s magnificent 4th Symphony. All the various facets – hope, fury, the breakdwon of society – were fully realized in this performance”.
Bob Briggs – Musical Pointers 2009

“Another fulfilling season of a quality and consistency, concert by concert, unmatched anywhere in the county.”
Richard Amey – Worthing Herald, March 2013

“Rachmaninov’s 2nd Symphony closed out the season in a final ecstatic journey home…I turned afterwards to the man sitting next to me who seemed to know it well. He replied that he had heard it in several places around the country, including a Prom at the Royal Albert Hall, and had never heard it played better.
Richard Amey – Worthing Herald, May 2013


“We were spellbound by the magnificent orchestra performing such wonderful symphonies, added to which the outstanding performance by Sir John Tomlinson. Worthing certainly has an orchestra to be proud of, and we are certainly looking forward to another year of superb performances in the town and out of it, what better way to represent our proud town!”
Mayor Bob Smytherman. May 2013

“Your rendition of ‘The Birds of Rhiannon’ was beautifully and sensitively performed, and was I feel more akin to Tod Handley’sperformances than others I’ve heard. My father was very pleased with Tod’s version and I know had be still been alive, he would have enjoyed your performance yesterday.”
Richard Holbrooke, Grandson of Josef Holbrooke

“Thank you for the fabulous concerts that you give us and for your explanations which make all the difference in the world – I have learnt so much in the past years from you”.
E.A. Edwards, Worthing. January 2010

“I visited Worthing on Sunday last for the symphony concert. I went specially to hear the Moeran Sinfonietta Op. 43 as I had never had the opportunity of hearing a Moeran work in a concert hall although I have been a concert-goer for many years. I must say I was well-rewarded: the performance was first class and I have never heard the orchestra play better”.
Mr S. Mitchell, Southsea, Hants. April 1998

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